Why do kittens stare at their owners from the shadows?

Hello! I am the owner of Simba.

Lately, I feel that Simba has been staring at me more and more from the shadows.

I found out the reason why Simba gazes from the shade.

I heard there are three reasons.

[box class=”pink_box” title=”Why do kittens peek from the shadows?”]
  • Hunting practice.
  • Begging
  • Vigilance[/box]


When they are practicing hunting, their posture is low, and it seems like they are clearly aiming at their prey. Also, if it’s on alert, it should act a little more like it’s hiding.

So I tried to think that “Simba” this time is a begging.

Maybe, but I think she wants me to play with her.

I think they want to play with me because they are very young.

By the way, “Simba”, even though she runs around and jumps around, she may not be able to resist herself when she gets sleepy.

Sometimes I can tell that she suddenly starts to stare at me.

When that happens, I hold her and pet her, and she goes to sleep soon.
He is not alert at all.
I think these gestures are only for kittens, so I’m enjoying the moment.

So that’s it for this article. Thank you for reading to the end.