I gave the kittens the Nekoichi Bali Bali Bali Bowl (nail sharpening).


He’s still a kitten, but his little nails grow and become sharp, and he’ll sharpen them before they become too big.

So I thought I needed to get him some equipment to sharpen his nails before the curtains and the sofa get worn out, so I bought a good one.

I heard that you need to make sure he learns where to sharpen his nails, especially when he’s a kitten.
So I bought a proper product, the “Neko Ichi” Bali Bali Bali Bowl.

Incidentally, we tried buying a small rectangular nail polish before we bought this one, but Simba didn’t use it at all and sharpened his nails on the sofa, so we bought a new one right away.

As a result of the gift, they don’t use it that often, but they use it well.

As a cat servant, I’m hoping it will be used a lot more often in the future… crying 

I thought it would be a good idea to keep it near my bed, since I’d want to sharpen my nails right out of bed, or I’d be sharpening my nails from something nearby.

I hope this nail sharpening is a stress reliever…

That’s all for this time. See you soon!

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