Nice to meet you, my name is Simba.

He is a 2 month old boy with American curls. Firmly, you can also do the toilet yourself.

The word I often use is ‘nyau’.

However, he will only say ‘meow’ when he is hungry.

he is also very, very spoiled and has a hard time falling asleep without someone next to her when she goes to bed. Plus, if the owner is home on his day off from work, he plays too much, and by the time he realizes he’s tired, he’s fast asleep and You will not.

In addition, late at night on the first day of becoming our family, he threw up due to stress. Then, half a day later, he ate his food, which was a relief, but I wondered if he would grow up properly. I’m worried now. But I am sure he will be a strong “Simba”.

We will continue to report on Simba’s growth here on the blog and on YouTube, so please keep up the good work!