A cat hiding under a rug mat Simba likes to play hide and seek in tight spaces! Playing by himself♪

Hello! Simba, the boy with the straight ear American curl, is doing great today!

Today, I’d like to talk about Simba’s solo play.

Simba is always making noise and enjoying removing mats….
(👇That’s how he plays, removing joint mats one after another)

On this day, I heard a clatter and wondered if Simba had done something. So I peeked into the room and found…

No one was there.

Huh? Was it my imagination…?


Ah!!! Simba’s there… !!!!!

Simba peeked out from under the rug mat, sneaking up on me.

I was so surprised~!

It’s just her face, but she looks kind of happy, Simba!

He was hiding under the mat, peeking out, and playing happily by himself.

He dove under the mat and didn’t come out, so I took a peek…

“Don’t bother me…”

Cats love to get into tight spaces and under rugs!

Simba also likes narrow and dark places.

Simba likes narrow and dark places. I’m always full of surprises!

See you soon!

Thank you.