Cat Simba sleeping comfortably on NITORI’s N-Cool pet mat. Is it really cold? Will your cat like it? (Review)

Hello! Simba, the boy with the straight ear American curl, is doing great today!

In mid-May, when the temperature was getting warmer and Simba started sleeping stretched out on the ventilation fan or on the floor, I prepared the cat cool mat that I had used last year.

He loved it right away and slept on it, but since it was the one we used when he was a kitten, it seemed a little small for his current body.

Besides, he doesn’t really like the aluminum type.

So, now that July has arrived and the summer heat is in full swing, I’ve prepared a new, slightly larger cool mat for pets!

This time, I bought NITORI’s N-Cool Pet Gorone Mat with a lemon pattern 45 x 65 cm.

The texture is very cool and pleasant.

The size was almost the same as the top panel of the cage (Iris-Oyama Cat Cage Mini) that Simba uses.

If I put the mat on the floor, he would play with it,so…

At his favorite place

I decided to put the N-cool mat on top of the cat tower, his favorite place, until he gets used to it.

Surprisingly, he quickly became comfortable with the mat~♪

“It’s nice and cold….。oO

Sprawled out on the cat cage

Now that Simba has gotten used to the mat…
I decided to put the N-cool mat on top of the cage since it doesn’t fit.

He’s sleeping spontaneously!

And the pillows look good!

He is fully stretched out and sleeping. He looks happy…

When I am away from home, I fold it up and put it in the cage.

The lemon pattern is refreshing and makes Simba look classy!

Liked the N-Cool mat

It is cool and refreshing, and the lemon pattern is cute and summery. What can I say, I’m glad I bought the N Cool Pet Mat because Simba liked it right away!

Besides, the N-Cool Pet Mat is washable, so you can keep it clean.

Simba got it dirty right away, so I hand-washed it, and the stains came off beautifully! It’s easy to dry.

N-cool pet mat, now Simba’s favorite place!

It is recommended to prevent heat stroke in cats.

See you soon!

Thank you.