Cat Wall Challenge! They say cats that can push back walls with their hands are smart. Simba tried his hand at it too!

Hello! Simba, the boy with the straight ear American curl, is doing great today!

They say a cat that can push back a wall with its hands is smart! That’s what I’ve been talking about.

Simba also tried the cat wall challenge.

I wonder how he’ll react…

I was so impatient to try the challenge that I put Simba, who was still awake, against the wall… Sorry!

The first time…! Huh? Is he still sleeping?

The second time…!

I’ve made you sleepy, so… let go of the wall, and try again! Here we go.


He’s got his eyes closed, but his hands are showing~! Amazing…

Ah! Simba’s eyes are open… !!!!! Sleepy… half-open eyes.

But his hands are still on the wall~♪

A little, sleepy face.

Thank you, Simba.

Challenge results…!

I think it’s safe to say that Simba is a smart cat.

See you soon!

Thank you.