UNIQLO and PAUL &JOE collaboration Pretty cat shaped cushions♪

Hello! Simba, the boy with the straight ear American curl, is doing great today!

It is quite sudden…

UNIQLO and PAUL &JOE collaboration

I was able to purchase the second collaboration item, a cat cushion.

I wanted this.

I am very happy with my purchase♪

It’s really cute! I like the understated pink.

I can’t get enough of it for cat lovers…!

I immediately collaborated with Simba!!!

The owner is impatiently carrying the cushion to Simba’s place.

I pointed my camera at Simba.

He won’t look at me.

Then, at your favorite place ♪

On the sofa♪

It’s like we’re holding hands!

Without a heartbeat, the naughty Simba looks a little more elegant.

I felt like Simba was saying, “Are we still taking pictures? So this is the last one I took.

He looks a little troubled.

Cute! He’s so cute! Maybe it’s because I’ve been calling out to him too much.

Thanks for taking my picture, Simba.

By the way, the collaboration products were so cute that I bought a cat’s T-shirt too! The floral pattern is cute too, but I found myself picking up all the cat patterns.

I don’t know why cats are so cute…

I want to buy a floral cushion to match the cat cushion… I’m considering buying more cushions.

See you soon!

Thank you.