Tried putting a harness on the cat -American curl’s Simba turned away

Hello! Simba, the boy with the straight ear American curl, is doing great today!

This time, it’s about what Simba is not good at.

I have prepared a cat harness for when I take Simba to the animal clinic and for emergencies such as disasters.

I have to go out with Simba soon, so I put it on him to get used to the cat harness.

Even when I showed him cat harness, he seemed to know I wasn’t going out with him today and wouldn’t run or hide!

On days when we go to the animal clinic, he hides when he sees the cat harness!

Cats are really good at sensing things, aren’t they? They’re smart!


He lost his motivation…

After all, he is not very good at it, and when I put a cat harness on him, his movements slow down.He’s quite slow!

He didn’t like it, and he didn’t move around trying to get it off, or bite the string…he didn’t do that.

And he was in a cat cage!

Besides, he turned away…!

He’s never turned his head towards the wall before, and even when I’m away from home, his face is always facing this way.This is confirmed by the surveillance camera♪

I’m a bit shocked, but he’s cute, like a rebellious child.

On this day, he did not come out of his cage until snack time. So he spent about five hours with his cat harness on.

By the way, Simba uses a string-type harness for cats. It is easy to use and doesn’t take up much space, so it is very good.

There are also vest-type harnesses for cats.

Try to choose the best harness for your cat.

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I would like to continue to use it on a daily basis little by little in case of disasters or other emergencies.

See you soon!

Thank you.