Cat interrupting ironing -Simba likes the ironing board

Hello! Simba, the boy with the straight ear American curl, is doing great today!

Until now, I have never shown Simba do the ironing so that he would not burn himself because he is so quick.

However, just the other day, I did the ironing in the room where Simba usually spends his time. This was because I had a false sense of confidence that Simba wouldn’t come to me now that he was sleeping in his favorite place.

First, set up the ironing board.

Next, I went to the closet to get some clothes, and when I came back to the room where Simba was …


While I was out of the room for a brief moment, Simba took over the ironing board!

As soon as Simba sees something new, he comes right up to it.

There’s no way he would overlook it…

I had a faint hope that he would ignore it because he was asleep, but no.

“Hey, Simba, can you please step aside?

Pretending not to hear.His face like that is cute too ♪

I tried to talk to him.

He was sulking.

“Go away! ” I thought he said to me, so I stopped ironing.

After that, Simba was in a better mood, so I did a little ironing.

He played with the sleeves of my clothes, tried to get on the board… he was so cute and disturbing!

Besides,he didn’t come close to the iron, as if he could tell it was dangerous!That’s great!

Followed by…

He got under the ironing board…

He found something under the ironing board.

He’s crunching so hard!

Something small and white fell out. Simbaa!!!

He loved the ironing board so much that I left it out for two days.

See you soon!

Thank you.