Cat interrupting cleaning -Simba’s case

Hello! Simba, the boy with the straight ear American curl, is doing great today!

I love Simba’s hair, it’s so fluffy that I want to touch it all the time, but…

I’m not very good at cleaning up Simba’s hair.

Simba has short hair, so I brush him once or twice a week. I vacuum frequently, but I can’t seem to win the battle against Simba’s hair loss!

A magiclean wiper is useful in such cases.
They are convenient because they can be used right away whenever you are worried about dirt.

One day, I got the magiclean wiper ready to clean up some loose hair that was hiding in a corner or under a chair…

Simba mistakenly thought he could play with me.

Cat punch!!!

Simba was messing with me and I couldn’t get going.

I’m sure that Simba’s hair must be falling out because he moves and bounces around with the magiclean wiper while I’m cleaning.

There are days like this! Before I put the sheet on…

He puts his chin on the seat. Simba’s mysterious strategy of not letting me clean…

“It’s a great feeling…

I feel like Simba is going to fall asleep…

I want to start cleaning!

He’s a cute little Simba, whether he’s playing with the wiper or sleeping with the wiper.

See you soon!

Thank you.