Mischievous cat 〜Don’t knock over the houseplants〜

Hello!Simba, you were up early again today, waking up at 4 o’clock… Good morning, meow! I’m hungry!I’m hungry!” he complained early in the morning. I’m not getting enough sleep.

Simba is an American curl boy.

It’s been four months since we bought a cat-safe houseplant, EverfreshTree, because we wanted to have some greenery in our house… Finally, he stopped messing with the plant. Way to go, Simba!

For a while, he kept dropping it when I put it on a high place, and knocking it over when I put it on the floor…

Simba’s mischief.

He looks around and then sneaks a hand out, Simba.

When I call out to him, his hands stop, but he immediately starts messing with the plants …

The moment the owner went into the next room, he thought he had a chance and knocked over the plant …

Then we put it in a small window in the kitchen where Simba doesn’t often go, and it doesn’t get messed with anymore!

The weather has warmed up and the shoots are growing well. Now that the weather has warmed up, the new shoots are growing well. I’m impressed to see that the Everfresh plant, whose leaves had fallen off after being messed with so many times, has finally grown up.

See you soon.